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Your wedding band can make planning your day easier.

This is a brief guide on how to get the most from your wedding band as you prepare for your special day.

One of the most common things we see with couples preparing for their wedding is over-planning – especially in areas where they are hiring a range of services that are accustomed to working together. There is so much for you to do already and so many things to think of and anticipate, and such a desire for things to go well that it is easy to forget the basic fact that pretty much everyone around you does this all the time.

Let’s take the wedding band as an easy example. They know what music works. Provide them early with your choice of first dance, father-daughter dance, farewell song etc. Give them an idea of the kind of music you like. But stop there! If your wedding band is any good they will organize you, and take these few small clues and requests from you and take care of the rest of the entertainment. It doesn’t really matter if the early sets and background music have this song or that artist, you won’t even hear it!

Unless you are really unlucky your wedding won’t be like Game of Thrones, and people won’t be sitting solemnly digesting every bar of every tune that is played throughout the night. Instead you will be on a high from your ceremony and trying to get around all the tables to say the obligatory hellos so you can sit down, have a drink and get ready to party for the rest of the night. You have invited a wide range of guests with a wide range of tastes, open up the music to everyone’s tastes and you will ensure a better celebration.

With one phone call or email you can tick off that the wedding band will provide ‘ipod’ background music suitable for the various parts of the evening where they are not playing, can provide a microphone for speeches. Your wedding band will have an agreed number of brackets of music, lets say 4 x 40 minutes, and the band leader is skilled at placing them throughout the night. The band leader wants the night to be a success too, next year’s customers are on the dance floor!

Another important point is that your wedding band are in the habit of dealing with the other services involved in your wedding. They can liaise easily with your venue’s Event Coordinator, or your private Event Coordinator if you have one, to firm up set up times that don’t clash with your bridal car arriving etc. If you have a performer at your ceremony, chances are they know your celebrant, or if not, it is the nature of people that work in this field that they are perfectly able to arrange things seamlessly on the day around you, without needing to micro-managed for weeks beforehand.

With a wedding band, like many other aspects of your special day, ring a reference or two and make sure you have people doing this special job that are great at making it awesome, and then take a leap of faith and just let them do it. Use their ability to network and organize around you, take advantage of their good habits of dealing with the venue, the photographer, the celebrant. Let the band leader keep an eye on your nervous MC, watch the mood of the crowd and play songs you love and even songs you cringe watching your auntie shake her hips to– and HAVE FUN!
Paddy Cummings – Penny Lane