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Your wedding band can make planning your day easier.

This is a brief guide on how to get the most from your wedding band as you prepare for your special day. One of the most common things we see with couples preparing for their wedding is over-planning – especially in areas where they are hiring a range of services that are accustomed to working […]


Go Kel! Debut Album on the way

The wonderful and supremely talented Kellie Santin, who we are sometimes fortunate to have playing sax for us, is recording her debut album at the moment. It’s nearly finished, and we are looking forward to hearing it. Kellie has taught and played all over the world, including for ever on Hey Hey, and was the […]


Need a great celebrant? – Here’s Benny Roff

We recently had the pleasure of singing at a ceremony presided over by the one and only Benny Roff. A great celebrant who put everyone at ease, had an easy wit and a fabulous way about him and set the scene for a fantastic day. Penny Lane recommends this guy, check him out at We liked […]


Jimmy goes to India

Our keyboard player James, or Jimmy, or Jimmy six fingers, or Jimmy the Ferg has been in India recently with Melbourne band Steelbirds shooting a music video for their latest release ‘Legacy’. Check it out here. Jimmy’s always going to exotic places.