Penny Lane Wedding & Function Packages
Penny Lane Wedding & Function Packages are ideal for most wedding formats where the party and dancing portion of the evening happens around a meal service. It also works for cocktail-style wedding receptions without a sit down dinner.

Penny Lane Wedding & Function Packages include a tried and tested, perfect amount of dancing with a 5 – 9 piece live band. The dance floor will be packed as the celebration peaks. It includes all the music for your entire wedding reception seamlessly – from the canapés and cocktails through to the farewells at the end of the night.

Penny Lane Wedding & Function Packages include:
For Canapés & Cocktails, and during Meal Service: suitable background  music and/or chilled (and reasonably quiet) band music.
After Meal Service: Penny Lane – live band performance – 3 or 4 x 40 min dance brackets  & suitable DJ music during breaks.

Additional live music and services can be provided for:

Wedding Ceremony
DJ Music
Live Penny Lane Duo
Live String Duo
Live String Quartet
AV Services
AV for ceremony
Wireless microphones for Celebrant

Cocktail Reception
Live Jazz Quartet
Live String Duo
Live String Quartet
AV Services
AV for cocktail reception entertainment

During Meal Service
Live Jazz Quartet
Live String Duo
Live String Quartet
After Meal Service
AV Services
Enhanced Lighting Packages for dramatic effect around dance floor and stage

About the Band sizes
Classic – The Penny Lane 5-piece includes: Lead Female Vocalist, Lead Male Vocalist & Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist, Keyboardist. This is our most popular band. See why at our next showcase.

Extended – The Penny Lane Band really sizzle when accompanied by a 1 – 4 piece horn section! All of your favourite Motown, funk, and dance hits have organized horn parts – which push the grooves and fill the melodies and harmonies relentlessly! The extended 6-9 piece band is the most compact way to feel and hear truly authentic renditions of your favorite songs.

The extended band features Lead Female Vocalist, Lead Male Vocalist & Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist, Keyboardist, plus a horn section including some or all of: Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone and Trumpet .

This is the ultimate live band for the discerning music lovers, audiophiles, and dance floor aficionados. This band simply pumps! The 9-piece band offers the highest energy, and fullest sound. This configuration mimics a common setup of big name touring acts. The impressive energy created by the 4-piece horn section, balanced by a driving and full 5-piece band – will offer the soundtrack for an unforgettable and entertaining night of dancing and celebrating!

Duo – For compact venues (and smaller budgets) Penny Lane are available as a duo, featuring Alinta Burnell on Lead Vocals and Paddy Cummings on Lead Vocals and guitar. This professional duo combination perform acoustically, and also with backing tracks. With years of experience Alinta and Paddy (who front the Classic and Extended bands) will seamlessly and expertly bring the magic of quality music to your occasion, from tasteful and elegant cocktail music through to rock and roll, current hits and dance floor classics.

All our Classic, Extended & Duo Packages also include:
– Full premium audio setup for the band.
– Basic Lighting: dance floor wash & band stage wash (upgrade lighting for stunning visuals)
– Your Penny Lane event consultant to assist you through the entire booking process. We will help facilitate an organized and smooth event by working closely with you, your event coordinators and your venue on all music-related, and scheduling details.